About Us

Odette Lynch established OdiLynch London in 2011. 

Odilynch since childhood has had an interest in art ranging from painting, fabric design, pattern-making and creating clothing and accessories, upcycling and recycling, which lead to regular trips to Dublin Dandelion market in the 70’s.  She was wowed by the smells, the quality, the colours, the freedom of it all.  A passion was born.

She then later naturally started out designing patterns for leather, cotton and tapestry bags and jackets in her flat in Camden Town London to sell in the market at the weekends.  At that time she was an executive trainer in English but with a passion for sustainable fashion inspired by the 70’s designs and philosophy.  Other decades too played a part, from huge appreciation derived from the 20’s to the 60’s styles and adapting them to today’s fashion trends and high-level tastes. 

Odilynch is synonymous with versatility, sustainability, vibrant colours.  A leather, cotton, velvet item for life.